We help our clients get value from their investment through good Architecture.
We believe in design for well-being.
Research is important to us.
Each brief is a problem we want to solve in a way that makes life better for people.
Materials are important, so we choose them with purpose.
Design must work between utility and beauty, the practical and cultural.
We’re moving towards zero carbon and less waste.
Cycles of idea-testing and criticism will find the best solution for a site.
Collaboration above competition.

The people

MiMo was founded by Leonard Miller and Catherine Moronell. Our practice was formed in early 2019, after years of informal collaboration on projects.
We are based in Johannesburg and have active projects in Johannesburg, Lusaka and Paris. We have comprehensive experience on a wide range of public and residential projects.

“As urban people, we will spend 80% of our lives inside buildings. It is therefore a given that our design practice is centered on the emotional and physical wellbeing of people and our collective future.

Working with us

To build can be a big and complex undertaking. We make it our personal resposibility to guide our clients through each stage of the process. In doing so we make sure they get the most value from their investment through thoughtful Architecture.

Have an idea? Get in touch with us about new projects, exhibitions, collaborations or just to say hello.

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