MiMo believes in design for well-being.
Research is important to us.

Each brief is a problem we want to solve in a way that makes life better for people.

Materials are important, so we choose them with purpose.

Good architecture is a good place to invest.

Design must work between utility and the ethereal, the practical and cultural.

We’re moving towards no material or energy waste.

Cycles of idea-testing and criticism will find the best solution for a site.

Collaboration above competition.

Our Services :

To clients
The Full Architect's Service

We act as the project leader on your behalf as our client. We work closely with you to establish a clear brief, recommend a technical team, prepare and present sketch designs of possible scenarios, facilitate feasibility studies, lead the team in design development, prepare technical drawings for council and procurement, assist with contractor selection, administer the construction contract and hand over a thoroughly checked final product to you. A full architctural service allows us to maintain a good field of care over all stages of the project for a client; allowing us to uphold the quality and vision of the project to completion.
Design Consulting

Do you have an idea for a building project but have no idea what the next step is? We'll do a concept for you and work with a Quantity Surveyor to prodice a feasibility study. This includes reporting on the site and legal constraints, producing design concepts, a budget and timeline. You decide what's next.
Individual Services

Our services can be tailored to each project. Here is a list of the key architectural services that we provide:
• Feasibility studies
• Concept design
• Detailed design
• Building Authority approval
• Construction information
• Site supervision
• Principal agent

Other services:
• Interior and joinery design
• Photo-realistic rendering

To design
We are skilled in artistic renders which bring a potential space to life for clients. We also produce 3D diagrams in exploded or solid form, for easy communication of structural and spatial arrangement concepts.
Competitions and Bids
MiMo has had success with competition entries and project bids. We offer to collaborate with firms who need to contract this work out. We have the training and software needed to conceptualise and represent an idea impactfully.
As a small office, we are open to collaborating on joint ventures. Our experience on medium-to-large scale projects, including team co-ordination and PA duties, may lend itself to partnerships with like-minded small design firms.